Installer Network

We manage the installation of the IFL liner system through our own offices and operational facilities which can be found across a range of international locations; presently however, the IFL installation operations and programs are primarily directed from our main Middle Eastern (U.A.E.) and Southeast Asian (Malaysia) offices.

In the regions where we have no direct presence, we are working on establishing a network of franchised installers to handle the local installation of the IFL liner system. These contractors are selected on a set of rigid norms, with criteria such as proven track-records in offshore contracting, availability of own fleet of appropriately sized and equipped vessels, direct affiliations with subsea pipeline rehabilitation and of course intimate knowledge of the operational players and business environment of the target locations under consideration.

After the selection process, the actual appointment of a franchisee is followed by a rigorous practical training on all aspects of the installation process and the procedures stipulated in the franchisee manual.

Through our own contracting operations units, or through our installer network partner, we are ensuring the highest quality installation programs, under the most challenging operational environments and conditions on a worldwide basis.

For details on our existing franchised installer network, or if you are interested in becoming an IFL installer in your geographical area, please contact us.

Key Benefits

  • Cost-Effective Compared to New Lay
  • Saves Time in Design, Planning and Installation
  • Extends Pipeline Service Life > 30 Years
  • Protection of Environment Due to Dual Containment
  • Multiple IFL Systems Already Installed in Hydrocarbon Subsea Pipelines

Technology in Line

  • Multiple Kilometers Installed in Single Pull
  • Accommodates Multiple 90° Bends
  • Resistant to Hot Sour Crude Oil and Sour Gas
  • High Temperature Resistance up to 110°C in Hydrocarbon Exposure Conditions
  • Extremely High Resistance to Permeation