Value Creation

The IFL technology provides the offshore operator with an extremely economical alternative to subsea pipeline replacement when comparing these options in case a subsea pipeline reaches the end of its design life.

Major savings in the time required for FEED/Design/Planning/Production can be realized using IFL, as an IFL subsea pipeline rehabilitation process covers between 4-5 months, compared to 12-18 months for a new-lay carbon steel (CS) pipeline campaign.

The major capital expenditure savings however, are realized in the installation part of the project, whereby the deployment costs of a small IFL installation vessel stand in no comparison with that of a large lay barge vessel, required for offshore CS new lay.

In addition to the capital expenditure savings, there are 3 major areas of savings in life time operational expenditure as a pipeline rehabilitated with IFL eliminates the need for:

  1. injection of corrosion inhibitors; as the corrosive hydrocarbon fluids are no longer in direct contact with the inner bore of the CS pipeline,
  2. intelligent pigging to measure wall thickness loss due to internal corrosion; as internal corrosion is stopped by installing an IFL liner,
  3. operational/cleaning pig runs; as there is no build-up of wax or scaling in an IFL lined CS pipeline due to the non-stick properties of the PVDF inner layer.

The operational expenditure savings from the above outlined components can amount up to a very significant amount over the operational life time of a pipeline.

Overall, IFL subsea pipeline rehabilitation substantially reduces the pipeline’s total life cycle costs. For a more detailed analysis on the capital and operation expenditure savings using the IFL subsea pipeline rehabilitation technology as an alternative to subsea pipeline replacement, please contact APS’s International Business Development Department.


Key Benefits

  • Cost-Effective Compared to New Lay
  • Saves Time in Design, Planning and Installation
  • Extends Pipeline Service Life > 30 Years
  • Protection of Environment Due to Dual Containment
  • Multiple IFL Systems Already Installed in Hydrocarbon Subsea Pipelines

Technology in Line

  • Multiple Kilometers Installed in Single Pull
  • Accommodates Multiple 90° Bends
  • Resistant to Hot Sour Crude Oil and Sour Gas
  • High Temperature Resistance up to 110°C in Hydrocarbon Exposure Conditions
  • Extremely High Resistance to Permeation