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Internal corrosion may cause a pipeline to prematurely reach the end of its useful service life before its intended design life, which will then necessitate either early pipeline closure or total replacement. Historically, there has been no viable means for installing an internal corrosion barrier into an existing hydrocarbon subsea pipeline once it has been laid.

 PETRONAS & ANTICORROSION PROTECTIVE SYSTEMS (APS) concluded a three year multi-million dollar research & development program to develop the materials, means and mechanisms for the in-situ placement of flexible tight fit rehabilitation corrosion barriers. This development program was concluded and has since led to the successful deployment of IFL.

The IFL liner is a flexible Kevlar reinforced liner that can be pulled in over long lengths in a single pull. The usage of high specification materials within its construction provide the IFL system with a high resistance to a wide range of hydrocarbon media at elevated temperatures of up to 110°C and exceptional host pipe matching pressure retaining capability within its tight fit operating criteria.  The IFL system thus now offers the subsea pipeline industry with a supremely viable, fast and economic preference when compared against the only other option of a new-lay pipeline replacement.

Key Benefits

  • Cost-Effective Compared to New Lay
  • Saves Time in Design, Planning and Installation
  • Extends Pipeline Service Life > 30 Years
  • Protection of Environment Due to Dual Containment
  • Multiple IFL Systems Already Installed in Hydrocarbon Subsea Pipelines

Technology in Line

  • Multiple Kilometers Installed in Single Pull
  • Accommodates Multiple 90° Bends
  • Resistant to Hot Sour Crude Oil and Sour Gas
  • High Temperature Resistance up to 110°C in Hydrocarbon Exposure Conditions
  • Extremely High Resistance to Permeation